Hello, Again, World

It's been a few years since I've regularly maintained a blog, and even then it was really just a travel blog I kept up while living overseas for a few months. 

I'm hoping to start up again and make this a place to semi-regularly post thoughts on whatever it is around me that seemingly warrants a reaction from yours truly. At the moment, that happens to be a lot around things like business strategy, product development, economics and general philosophy, especially as those topics relate to startups and the internet given how I spend my time these days.  

This may change in time or I may deviate once in a while with something on a band I like, or a team I root for or a movie I'm trying to figure out .. but whatever my thoughts happen to be on any given day I try to approach everything with two lenses:

1. Logic  2. Empathy


 ...usually in that order.  I find that as long as I tick those two boxes, I'm usually pretty satisfied with the result.

Hope you'll agree, but don't be shy to let me know either way.

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